Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day, John!

We are back from our little vacation with our son and his kids. We ate a lot of marginal food – burgers, pizza, tacos, etc., anything that the kids wanted. There really was not much to blog about. I brought along some banana cake that I actually made and a bunch of snickerdoodles that our dear daughter made. She is the cookie queen. I ate no cake and no cookies, I had a slice of watermelon or two and a bite of John’s ice cream. That’s pretty good I think.

These are roses from our rose bush that I don’t mind cutting since we cannot see the rose bush from any window in our house or from sitting in the backyard. I figure to enjoy the roses I might as well cut them.

I also harvested my first tomato today that did not have blossom-end rot. I imagine we will be having the ceremonial cutting of the tomato later today.

First tomato from my patio plant, Early Girl

Tonight we will start cooking again, planning menus, and eating at home. Yay!

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