Dining at kid-friendly places

Yay! We have started our trip! One of the challenges for me is to find dining selections that now are supposed to be 1) things I like. 2) lower in carbs. 3) lower in calories. This is not an easy task especially since I think eating a salad for a meal is like eating air.

Our lunch stop is at the Habit where I know I can eat a char-burger for under 500 calories especially if I do not have cheese and do not eat all the roll.

For dinner we go to the Lost Coast brewpub in Eureka. Almost everything is breaded or battered and fried! I order chicken wings and a small salad. There are too many wings and they are overcooked and dry, and way too spicy. I eat 4, give 4 away, and leave 2 on the plate. The salad is fine but hard to manipulate in its tiny bowl.

A flatter plate would have helped in the eating of this salad

This is a smaller (?) portion of chicken wings. They are too spicy!

We also stopped for ice cream. I had one bite of John’s. Sometimes my eating life seems so sad.



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