Salad, collard greens, and steak. 6/10/19

My doctor has told me I need to eat differently. Cut down on the carbs because of rising blood sugar. I am really at a quandary with this because I eat quite a lot of carbs – pasta, beans, polenta, rice,  bread etc. I have switched to brown rice and whole grain pasta mostly. I eat almost no simple carbs such as desserts or candy and no fruit. I am going to have to do some serious research on this!

Tonight instead of the chickpea and ditalini stew with collard greens that I had planned, I sent John out to the grocery store for a steak. We had a tasty salad and then a hunk of meat on a plate with a pile of collard greens. So boring and how is eating a hunk of meat better than chickpeas and various veg?


Collard greens with shallots and garlic with steak

We are taking our son and grandkids on a road trip for the next five days so my posting will be scanty. I imagine a lot of kid-centric food in the near future!


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