Tasty lunch in Valletta, Malta 10/9/21

One day while we were on Malta we had a lunch at a seaside restaurant. I was expecting something pretty ho-hum since we were with a tour group but the lunch turned out to be way beyond my expectations.

Flatbreads with prosciutto, creamy feta-like cheese, arugula, and tomatoes

Seriously, I wanted to dive into these whole-heartedly but the other “ladies” at the table were saying, oh, this so much! I never have a big lunch etc. etc. So I limited myself to one and a half and the platter still had three pieces of flat bread left when they took it away. But I had already ordered a beer while the other two ladies had diet sodas and I was intimidated.

Branzino on top of caponata

This was also delicious and I ate everything on my plate. Then they served dessert which I did not eat at all since I do not like sweet things. My table partners ate their whole dessert which was a chocolate cake like thing with whipped cream. How I wish I could have asked for that platter of flatbreads back!! I still see myself as an overweight person whom others are judging. I really need to get over that.

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