Greetings from Zadar, Croatia. 10/8/21

I have been away for almost three weeks now and I have to admit that I am missing my usual routine. Making up my menu, shopping for the week, and cooking every night is what I like to do. I have been eating pretty much whatever I want for all this time away and I am really ready to address my weight gain and make sure that this trip is not the slippery slope towards being overweight again.

I have occasionally made some good choices. Both John and I have been concentrating on eating fish and vegetables. We have only had a dessert a couple of times but we have been into the bread a lot and each day has too many drinks! Here are some of the better choices I have made at lunch.

Stuffed kale, butternut squash, chickpea purée and a giant breadstick
Fish curry, rice, Brussels sprouts, and roasted tomato
Vegetarian kabob with polenta cake and tzatziki, grilled shrimp

John and I have already started discussing our menu for next week. This vacation from my normal life has been fun but I am ready to get back to normalcy!

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