Weekly Menu. January 16-22, 2023

This week is abbreviated by a little vacation. John and I will be heading to Utah and taking our son on his birthday trip. There is nothing he likes better than to spend a week playing tennis and golf. One thing that he and I have always done together is to plan, shop for, and cook meals. He is a pretty good cook although a little on the messy side. Having a rental where he can cook and I do not have to stress over the mess is ideal!

I bought a Costco rotisserie chicken today and took all the meal off for use in our roast chicken dinner on Monday and for lunches during the week. I have even made stock with the carcass. On Wednesday I am hoping we will follow through and make the noodles and zoodles with peanut sauce that we were supposed to have done last week.

I will probably be a little less DiningLite on vacation but I will try to post whatever reasonable meals we make.

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