Turkey enchiladas with spicy beans. 1/14/23

Turkey enchiladas with spicy beans

The plan originally was to make chicken enchiladas. I thought I had two packs of rotisserie chicken in the freezer but I did not. While pulling out everything in the freezer looking for the chicken we came across two frozen turkey thighs which must have been frozen a long time ago. We defrosted them in the microwave, roasted them in the oven, and finally I shredded the meat so we could make turkey enchiladas! It was more work than I had bargained for but the turkey enchiladas turned out pretty tasty.

I warmed corn tortillas in the oven and then filled each tortilla with a combination of pulled turkey meat, diced onion, shredded cheese, and salsa verde. In a 350F oven I baked my twelve tortillas in a 9×13 dish that had a layer of salsa verde in the bottom, followed by the tortillas, and then more salsa verde, the onions that were left, and some cheese. After 30 minutes they were heated through with the cheese melted on top.

The spicy beans were simply a combination of pinto and black beans plus a can of Rotel. I tried a new version of Rotel that is made with Serrano chiles instead of jalapeños. We all appreciated the extra spice.

Between the three of us we ate eight of the enchiladas and most of the beans. I figure that the four remaining enchiladas will make a nice lunch for John and our daughter or a dinner for John and me if I get tired of cooking in the coming week!

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