Sometimes you have to be flexible – 10/1/16

First of all Happy Anniversary to our son and his wife who have been married for 16 years!

Cheerios with strawberries Credit:

Cheerios with strawberries

Today we invited our son and grandkids over while their mom went to garage sales with her sister and a girlfriend. Our son refers to these visits as his trifecta – tennis, lunch, and a nap! After tennis we all went out to lunch.  I had a vegetarian Philly (half roll only) and some fries. John had buffalo chicken wings and a salad. After lunch and a game of chess, our company departed and we took the nap part of the trifecta. When it got to dinner time neither of us was very hungry so we ate a bowl of Cheerios with strawberries.

Sadly I will have to reprint my menu because the week is now screwed up. Sigh.

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