Burger and a salad – 1/15/17

Burger and a salad (and the best beer ever!)

Burger and a salad (and the best beer ever!)

John is the grill man and I am the vegetable lady. Tonight while he was preparing the burgers I was busy making a tasty salad and the cauliflower from the previous post. For my salad I used the mix “Kale Italia.” It consists of radicchio, kale, mizuna, and arugula. Using these mixes is not exactly cost effective but I know if I bought all those different kinds of salad greens that they would turn to slime before I used them all. The salad also had tomatoes, green onions, mushrooms, and croutons. I am not a big salad fan so if I am going to make one, I like to throw in a lot of stuff.

Burger note: John mixed in a quarter teaspoon of baking soda along with some salt.  The baking soda keeps the meat tender.  We saw the cooks on America’s Test Kitchen do this.

Amazingly we found Schneider Weiss beer at the liquor store here in Utah. It is my favorite. If you are ever in Munich I strongly suggest you stop by Schneider’s.  It is just off the east end of the pedestrian area near the Isar Gate. Along with fabulous beer they have all kinds of sausages, pretzels, and tasty traditional German food.

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