Utah arrival day – 5/25/17

Eating on the road and when we first arrive at the Utah house is always hard.  We started out today eating the hotel complimentary breakfast. This is a lot like an airline breakfast. The food is cheap. I had some kind of scrambled eggs that were mostly a cubed egg product. There was also the thinnest bacon ever. I wish I had taken a picture of it. It was translucent. I also had an English muffin which had to go through the toaster conveyer belt four times. I brought my own tea from home so at least that was good.

Then it was time to hit the road. Since neither of us had slept well it was important to be alert for road fatigue. By the time we reached Primm, NV I had been nodding off and it was my turn to drive. We stopped and got coffee frappucino for a hit of caffeine and sugar.

By the time we reached St. George it was 1:30 PM and we needed some fuel and there was no food in the house. We stopped at Costa Vida, a Mexican chain fast food restaurant. We ordered shrimp tacos which were pretty so-so served with some slopped on rice and beans in an aluminum container. Not appetizing!

Shrimp taco with rice and beans

Around 8 PM we had a simple dinner of salad and some frozen eggplant Parmesan that we zapped in the microwave.

Salad with components that made the long ride from California to Utah in a cooler


Frozen eggplant Parmesan cooked in the microwave

Tomorrow we will sit down and discuss a menu for the next week. I find that eating reasonably usually needs a plan.

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