What to eat on vacation – 7/31/17

I know, hard to believe I am on vacation again. For the next three weeks I will try to highlight what might be a good choice and what is going on behind a bad decision. Plus, when what you thought was a good choice ends up sabatoging you.

First up, lunch at the Whoa Nellie Deli in Lee Vining, CA. then dinner at the Tonopah Brewing Co., Tonopah, NV.

Whoa Nellie Deli

There are some good choices here. Ahi sashimi and some salads. The fish tacos are a trap because they are fried. I just don’t think I want to eat sashimi in the middle of the mountains and salads do not fill me up. So I go with vegetarian chili. To their credit, they ask if I want shredded cheese in case I am a vegan. But I get cornbread and that is made with eggs I am sure. Anyhow, it is a bit gloppy and thick. Uh oh, it tastes best when I crumble the corn bread into it. Grade? I tried

Vegetarian chili with cornbread

Tonopah Brewing Co.

I ordered a Pulled BBQ chicken sandwich. Basically it was some pieces of chicken breast on a roll. I took out the chicken and dipped it in some vinegar based BBQ sauce. I took a bite of the roll but it wasn’t worth eating. I ate the coleslaw and the chicken. Grade? Wish it tasted better

Pulled chicken sandwich and coleslaw




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