Labor Day Weekend Menu 2017

Here’s a vegetarian menu from our Labor Day weekend. Since we were in the midst of watching the U.S. Open we fixed a course then ate it while watching the matches and then during a commercial or lull we made the next course. First up, a broccoli salad-

Broccoli salad

This salad has a dressing of oil and vinegar plus some grated onion, sugar,and quite a bit of celery seed. So it is sweet and tart with a fairly strong celery flavor. I let it marinate for an hour or two. Next we had corn-

Corn on the cob

For this I shuck the corn and give it two minutes on high in the microwave per ear. Fresh summer corn is the best! Finally we finished with vegetarian burgers-

California style veggie burger

This is a Morningstar griller burger. I wish it were more substantive. I used to buy chipotle bean burgers at the local Costco but they are no longer available. Why is it California-style? When I was growing up on the East Coast , it meant the hamburger was served in a a bun with mayo, lettuce, tomato, and raw onion. I guess the fact that it included vegetables made it “Californian!”

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