🐂 Instant Pot beef stew 4/1/20

We are using up meat that has been in the freezer for more than 6 months. I think that these boneless beef short ribs are the last ones. Making a beef stew in the Instant Pot is really easy and relatively quick. Season the meat and leave it in fairly big chunks so you don’t have to keep turning it over as you sear the beef on the Sauté function. Add some beef stock, a can of tomatoes, onions, potatoes, carrots, and celery. Set the Pressure cook time for eighteen minutes and when it’s finished let the pressure drop naturally for 10 minutes and then release the rest. Make a slurry of a little gravy and your favorite thickener to give the gravy a bit more viscosity. Voila! You’re done in around 45 minutes (mostly hands off cooking.)

Instant Pot beef stew


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