Change in plans and updated menu. 10/19/20

After spending time carefully crafting my menu for this week, it all flew out the window when we decided to go up to Sonoma to pick up our wine shipment. The winery is now open for tastings al fresco with elaborate health and safety rules so we thought it would be safe enough for us to enjoy a tasting.

Wine notes for our tasting

The tasting was lovely and the weather was perfect. We finished up around 2:30 and needed to find something for lunch along the route home. We went through a drive-thru and got one hamburger and a plastic knife to cut it in half. I was not about to surrender my diet to a whole hamburger!

Needless to say, we did not feel like making an elaborate dinner. I declared it was every man or woman for theirselves. John settled on the last of the red lentils and rice and I made myself a pita with chicken, lettuce, and mustard. Our daughter had been baking while we were out for the day and we finished our dinners with a piece of pumpkin cake.

Chicken sandwich with pickles and pumpkin cake

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