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Harira, ham, and egg. 11/20/22

This Sunday’s Breakfast For Dinner made use of leftover Harira, a Moroccan stew we made earlier this week. I added a piece of deli ham that I cut in strips, an over easy egg, and a squirt of sriracha to … Continue reading

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Chicken spaghetti vegetable soup. 10/30/22

While John was having an omelet (again!) for his Sunday supper, I decided to raid the produce bins in the refrigerator, use up the rest of the pulled chicken from enchilada night, and break up some whole wheat spaghetti for … Continue reading

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Autumn soup, hummus, and tabbouleh 9/30/22

Tonight we dressed up our leftover Autumn soup with a strip of bacon each. I made a double batch last week which makes about 10-12 servings. The recipe below is the full fat version. I use about 1/4 of the … Continue reading

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Shrimp tacos, pinto beans, arugula and golden beets. 9/29/22

When we have tacos I like to make a condiment bar on the kitchen counter that way everyone can fix their plate the way they like. John cooked the shrimp and warmed the tortillas while I cut up the taco … Continue reading

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Tossed green salad with herbs and chicken. 8/28/22

If this looks a lot like Saturday’s dinner it is because I had leftover shredded chicken and chow mein noodles. But it is not totally the same. The base of this salad is spinach, arugula, Romaine, mint, and basil. I … Continue reading

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Surf and turf bowl. 8/8/22

We used Sunday night’s leftovers from our all-appetizer family dinner to create our surf and turf bowls. We had leftover bbq ribs meat for our turf and shrimp cocktail shrimp for the surf. Sliced up cucumbers from our veggie platter … Continue reading

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Chicken with rice mix and broccoli 6/6/22

At our house we call this either Classic Chicken or Chicken Monday. When the kids were little I tended to make the same sort of dish on certain days of the week. Monday was always chicken. In fact it became … Continue reading

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Vegetable stir-fry with polenta and fresh herbs 6/5/22

Since I ate an egg for breakfast I was looking for something different for Sunday night’s dinner. Aha, leftover polenta in the refrigerator! Given that polenta did not seem to lend itself to Asian flavors I decided to make an … Continue reading

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Leftover red lentils with kale and cauliflower rice 5/17/22

We had some leftover lentils from the other night so we heated them up in the microwave. I always have cauliflower rice in the freezer and the microwave is good for heating that up too. The kale was served raw. … Continue reading

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Leftover lamb, asparagus, and rice bowl 5/2/22

On Sunday we had a big family dinner with sous vide and then grilled boneless leg of lamb with chimichurri, scalloped potatoes, and asparagus with sauce gribiche. I was so busy that I forgot to take pictures! We had plenty … Continue reading

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