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🥬 Vegan vegetable soup in half an hour. 9/18/19

Tonight is supposed to be chickpea stew but I have vegetables calling to me, so, change in plans! Here is how to get homemade vegetable soup on the table fast. Cut up the onions first. Turn your pan on medium … Continue reading

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Leftovers taco for one. 8/7/19

John and I make and eat dinner together each evening but breakfast and lunch are totally free-form.  We eat what we want at whatever time we like. It works best for us this way. Today I made a leftovers taco … Continue reading

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Lamb and salads. 7/13/19

In my ongoing attempt to use up what foods we have in our freezer, tonight we had some boneless leg of lamb (left over from Passover) with an embellished cole slaw (leftover from last night) and a couscous Mediterranean salad. … Continue reading

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Stretching our food budget. 7/10/19

Yesterday John worked at his office which meant over an hour commute home.  So often on these days the original plans for dinner go out the window and we pretty much just scrounge around in the refrigerator figuring out something … Continue reading

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More vegan summer fare. 6/25/19

I am a little late getting this posted today. My daughter and I spent the morning and early afternoon buying supplies for our Summer Solstice (Christmas in June) celebration. On Tuesday we had such a tasty summer vegan meal. I … Continue reading

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Leftovers – Curried rice with chicken and carrots

The chicken that I bought at Costco is the focus of Saturday’s debate about what to eat for dinner. We still have half of it left. I am not feeling like chicken salad. John is not feeling like chicken with … Continue reading

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Fried rice. 6/9/19

On Tuesday John and I along with our son and grandkids are taking an intergenerational roadtrip! We are heading up the North Coast to commune with redwoods, Paul Bunyan, small Victorian towns, and the spectacular coastline. So we are in … Continue reading

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