Chilean sea bass, rice, and snow peas. 10/20/20

Chilean sea bass with parsley tartar sauce, cauli-rice, snow peas

This is a very simple but delicious dinner. It is really the quality of the fish that makes the difference. We buy these individually frozen pieces of fish at Costco. We have never run into a bad piece or even a bone. John cooks them in the oven anywhere from 12 to 14 minutes depending on the thickness. They come out perfectly every time. Chilean sea bass is not cheap but it is worth the expenditure.

I made my rice and cauliflower rice combo, sauteed up some snow peas, and whipped together a tartar sauce that was heavy on the parsley but light on the mayonnaise. I use light mayonnaise but to stretch it even further I add some Greek yogurt to it. Tastes great and nobody knows. I am the diet magician in my kitchen.

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