Thai green curry with zucchini zoodles and tofu. 6/14/21

Thai green curry with zucchini zoodles tofu, and herbs

Update: I forgot to post this dinner on June 14th. As you will read it was not entirely a success. We are trying it again this coming week with more and varied zoodles and chicken. We are going to amp up the coconut flavor with coconut extract. We are planning this for dinner Monday 7/28/21 so check back on Tuesday to see if we were successful!!

This recipe is from Food Network’s The Kitchen and started life as Thai green curry with meatballs and zoodles. Here is the link..

I am always taking recipes and then adapting them so that they fit my dietary standards. Here are the changes we made in bold print. The serving size is for two people rather than four. We used 2 teaspoons of oil in which we bloomed 2 tablespoons of Thai green curry paste and 1 teaspoon of minced lemongrass. We used 1 13.5 ounce can of light coconut milk and 1 extra firm block of Hodo tofu and 1 container of zucchini zoodles. We substituted 1 jalapeño for the Thai bird chile and also added lime zest, garlic, mint, and scallions.

I thought the flavor of the dish was good but would be better with full fat coconut milk but that is way too many points in my WW plan to use. Zoodles were fine but actual pasta would be better and I think that the tofu lacked flavor. I think chicken would be tastier. Unfortunately I was hungry later so if I make this again not only will I use chicken I will add additional vegetables.

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