Grilled flank steak, butternut squash, broccoli. 6/15/21

Grilled flank steak, mashed butternut squash,, and steamed broccoli

Delicious dinner tonight coming from John’s great ability to accurately judge the doneness of meat on the grill. Flank steak is a very tasty cut of beef. It is important, though, to understand that giving it a dry rub and cutting it properly will insure a tender, delicious piece of meat. John used salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika as a dry rub. When slicing the meat after cooking cut it in thin slices across the grain.

For my part I defrosted the butternut squash that I had cut up a week or so ago. You can freeze it raw. I steamed the squash for 10 minutes and then mashed it up with a teaspoon of butter. Check the salt level because this squash needs a lot of salt. Lastly I steamed the broccoli. Include the stems!

If you look at the picture of my plate you will see that the majority of the plate is taken up by vegetables. I try to aim for at least two-thirds vegetables to one third protein. Eating this way is healthy and satisfying.

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