Vegetable stir-fry with egg zoodles. 6/16/21

Vegetable stir-fry with egg zoodles

Tonight was supposed to be our traditional Pasta Wednesday but the idea of boiling a big pot of water when the outside temperature was in the 90’s made it a non-starter. We decided our fallback dinner would be a BFD or Breakfast For Dinner. While John opted for a breakfast sandwich with egg, cheese, and a veggie patty, I went for a vegetable stir-fry with egg zoodles.

I am not sure that zoodles is the right term but my “egg noodles” looked a lot like the zucchini zoodles that I made on Monday. I made them by whisking two eggs and just pouring them into a medium hot pan to set. Then I slipped my egg disc out of the pan, rolled it up, and sliced it into fettuccine sized noodles.

The stir-fry portion of my dinner was pretty straightforward. I looked in the refrigerator for any vegetables I had and them cooked them in a stir-fry manner and seasoned them with soy sauce, ginger powder, rogan josh, and garlic.

I really like the cheery yellow look of the egg zoodles. They really brightens up the dish. I garnished my plate with sriracha and black sesame seeds for color, spice, and texture.

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