Rosh Hashanah celebration. 9/6/21

Grilled flank steak and half potato with Brussels sprouts

The dinner we had with our celebration was pretty ho-hum, a grilled flank steak and half potato plus Brussels sprouts. But the celebration platter and the fabulous round braided challah that our daughter made were spectacular!

Traditional foods for Rosh Hashanah
Our daughter’s round, braided challah

On our platter we had apple (served with honey), dates, pomegranate seeds, green beans (edamame), beets, squash, carrots, scallions, fish (goldfish), and a head (eggs with smiley faces.) We took turns discussing each food and what it means and said a little blessing over each one. The challah was wonderful and we tore off hunks and dipped the pieces in honey to insure our sweet year coming up.

No dieting on this holiday!!

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