A fine dining dinner. 9/15/22

Mostly John and I cook at home every night. But sometimes we splurge, go off our diets, and let someone else do the cooking. Since this is our 50th anniversary year, and John’s birthday, plus the anniversary of John’s retirement day, we decided to indulge ourselves in a fancy dinner at a restaurant that we enjoy. The following is the dinner they made for us.

A mezze plate for two, summer beans, duck rillette, fermented cabbage, salami, white anchovy, tomato jam, country pate, tomatoes, and potato chips
Hamachi, apple granita, chalaquita, sorrel, and tiger’s milk
Ajo blanco soup, scallops, cucumber, jalapeño, and aji salt
King salmon, cucumbers, sticky rice, sweet pepper purée, habanadas, and celery

Stemple Creek Ranch rib eye, beet mole, zucchini, shallot confit, chanterelles, and jus

“Queso helado”, coconut, cinnamon, coffee granita
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