Steak, grilled potato, and asparagus. 9/16/22

Grilled rib eye steak, grilled potato, and asparagus

Tonight we are finishing up our celebrations. Our final celebration is marking the anniversary of John’s retiring from full-time employment. We have enjoyed these years without the tedious commute and the office politics. Better that he be employed as my number one cook of all things meat, fish, or fowl! Tonight he is grilling a rib eye steak and finishing off the potato that I microwaved. I am also in charge of the asparagus which was on sale for $2.99/lb. That is an excellent price!

On Saturday we are returning to our healthy eating regimen. We both have a few (or more) pounds to lose. As much fun as it has been eating with abandon these last three days, I am looking forward to getting back to normal. When we plan our menu on Sunday I imagine we will include lots of seafood and vegetables.

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