Chana dal with kale and cauliflower rice. 9/17/22

Chana dal with kale and cauliflower rice

Tonight all we had to do was warm up the leftover Chana dal in a pot and heat up the rice in the microwave. Although it is hard for us to have leftovers because we like to eat a lot of everything, last week we made a double recipe of Chana dal to insure we had leftovers! Chana dal are dried, split chickpeas that I make in our Instant Pot with lots of spices, a spicy tomato blend, onions, garlic, and ginger. There are plenty of recipes for it on the internet and the recipe I have adapted for our use is posted below.

I like to serve Chana dal on a bed of raw kale with rice or cauliflower rice. It makes a giant bowl of food! I garnish mine with sriracha for extra spiciness.

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