October 17, 2015 – Chicken tagine

Chicken tagine

Chicken tagine

Ho-hum, what to do with chicken? Seriously I think I’ve eaten chicken in every way possible. We tend to always have chicken on Monday and even though it is Friday, we haven’t had chicken all week what with traveling back from St. George on Monday that we decide to  break with tradition. I am usually not a fan of chicken thighs. This is mostly because the ones that you buy at the store are giant. They must come from some Godzilla chicken. And due to their mature-ness, I perceive a gaminess about them which I don’t like. But cover them up with enough spices and I can’t tell the difference.

This is  Daniel Boulud recipe so I figure it should be good. It is good but my only complaint is there is a LOT of coriander in it. I am taken aback by the floral taste. John, however, is going yum, yum with every bite so I am probably wrong. We add some chickpeas and carrots to bulk the recipe up and serve it with couscous.  Apparently this is our couscous week. It’s pretty good.  (We ate it again on Saturday and it was much better!)

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