Back from Italy – 4/12/17

I am back from our 3+ weeks in Italy and pretty much over the jetlag. Before I get back to my regular posting I thought I would include a few more dishes from the trip. As the trip got longer we seemed to migrate towards a substantial breakfast and lunch and then a sandwich or nothing in the evening. We needed the food energy in the earlier part of the day and we just crashed at night.

We probably ate pizza twice a week (or more)

Spaghetti can vongole – this was another go-to dish. Always good

Sometimes we ate a little more experimentally like these baby octopi…

Or seafood crudo

almost everything we had on the trip was delicious and amazingly, we all lost weight. It had to be all the walking!

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1 Response to Back from Italy – 4/12/17

  1. Joanne Clancy says:

    My favorite kind of vacation..walking and eating.

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