Leftover leftovers plus a delicious vegetable dish. 9/13/17

I was supposed to make a chickpea stew for dinner tonight but I didn’t. I just was not feeling it and I knew we still had a lot of one pot chicken and rice curry in the refrigerator. But I did not just want to eat a giant bowl of it so I had to come up with a vegetable that would end up being as little of this and a little of that.

Leftovers plus a combination of Umfelliferae and Cruciferae family vegetables

I thought about which vegetables would work well together and decided to combine two families of vegetables. From the Umgelliferae or parsley family I have carrots, celery, an parsley. From the Cruciferae family I chose broccoli, brussel sprouts, and cabbage. I sauteed these in some oil and they made a delicious “seasonal vegetable.”

I still have some one pot curried chicken left but I promise it will not make an appearance tomorrow night. Tomorrow is John’s birthday and I need to come up with something special.

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