One pot curried chicken and rice. 9/12/17

John and I have been debating what to call this dish. It is not a traditional curry which you serve over rice. This is more, hey, we have some leftover chicken! What shall we do with it that is fairly easy and has minimal clean-up?

One pot curried chicken and rice

While John assembles the curry spices and slices up the chicken, I cut up the onions, garlic, and carrots. He sweats the spices, onions, and garlic in oil and butter and then coats the rice. He then adds the chicken, some raisins and the carrots plus cooking liquid (water or chicken broth) and seasons the dish. He brings it to a boil and then simmers until the rice is done. I garnish it with sliced green onions.

Quick, easy, tasty, and minimal mess! That’s my kind of dish for dinner!


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