Rum cake. 12/24/17

I make almost no desserts but I do have a recipe for a Bacardi rum cake that turns out so well that I get requests to make it. You can find the recipe on the internet. One difference is that back in the 80’s when I first used the recipe it called for a box of Duncan Hines cake mix which weighed 18.25 oz. These days cake mixes have shrunk and they now weigh 15.25 oz. In order to keep the proportion of cake mix correct with the rest of ingredients you have to either do a bunch of math and pare off the amounts of the other ingredients by 1/6 or you can simply buy a second cake mix and add 3 ounces to your mixing bowl. Save the rest for next year’s rum cake.

Bacardi rum cake

It turned out a bit boozy but no one seemed to mind. Decorated with red grapes and mint leaves, the cake is a festive addition to your holiday table.

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1 Response to Rum cake. 12/24/17

  1. Joanne Clancy says:

    I remember this cake. I loved it.

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