Another vega, vege, carne sort of day. 12/23/17

Started off the day with a nice bowl of oatmeal with flaxseed. John has been unhappily noticing that I tend to call it gruel. I am turning over a new leaf and only saying positive things about my daily delicious and healthful breakfast of amazing grains.

I could not think of anything to make for lunch. I did not feel like a veggie burger since I made the terrible one the other day so I opted for a salad and an egg sandwich.  Those are a few of our daughter’s cookies in the background.

Omelet in a pita pocket and a salad (it is officially winter and we are still having daughter’s tomatoes!)

Pasta for supper tonight. Thought we might just have tomato sauce but during a trip to the grocery store, we bought some ground beef. John made the sauce which was very nice of him. I got to lounge around instead of having my back hurt while I bent over the counter chopping up vegetables and stirring the sauce.

Spaghetti with meat sauce and fresh tomato


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