Follow directions! 12/21/17

Today for lunch I took a short cut. On the Masala Veggie Burger from Trader Joe’s the package gives instructions for stove top and grilling to cook the burger. I decided it would take too long to use these processes so I decided to microwave the burger. It turned out mushy and bad tasting. I served it to myself on toasted rye with one of the last of our daughter’s tomatoes and lettuce. It was all I could do to choke it down. Believe the package when it tells you how to cook it!

  Looks good, tastes bad

Having had my oatmeal gruel for breakfast and a rather sad lunch, I decided on some comfort food for dinner.   Since we hadn’t had chicken for the last few Mondays, I decided on Chicken Monday on a Thursday. Chicken breast, spinach, mashed potatoes, and gravy fit the bill. It was quite tasty and enjoyable.

Roast chicken breast, spinach, and mashed potatoes with gravy


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