Wrapping up the week. 6/28/18

Last night we just ate a variety of leftovers so I thought I would just talk about how the past week went today. My goal was to prepare two poultry meals, two seafood/fish meals, two vegetarian meals, and one red meat meal. What we actually ate were two poultry meals, three vegetarian meals, one meat meal, and one seafood meal. Originally we had not planned on going out to lunch on Sunday so that threw the week off a bit.

I am pretty pleased with what we prepared this week. The new Afghani lentil dish was so good that I am sure it will be in at least a monthly rotation. I think starting the week on a Thursday is too confusing so we are going to free-lance the next three days and start our weekly regimen on Monday.

Since I do not have a food picture for today, here is a nice one from our trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon earlier in the month.

View from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona

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