Two days before Thanksgiving. 11/20/18

 It is now T-2 and we are busy. I have made a list of everything that needs to be done. John is outside cleaning the gutters. That job is not on my list but since it is supposed to be raining tomorrow, he says it needs to be done.

I have started setting the table. As usual I have to wash all the frickin’ glasses since they have water spots.  I got these stemless glasses so I could fit them in the dishwasher but they come out spotted. Spots are okay for John and me but when we are having company, I need crystal clear glasses. Even my daughter put them on the to-do list. As I am writing this I am having a little sit-down having just finished washing and drying 16 glasses.

Thanksgiving table

Uh-oh, trouble! Daughter has finished the peeling of the onions and put them in a small roasting pan. They definitely do not look like enough onions for our party of ten.

Onions ready for roasting

Both she and John go to separate grocery stores to try to find more onions and more stuffing mix. On his way to Raleys I text John to pick up another 20 Brussels sprouts since I think the Brussels sprouts are looking meager too.

Brussels sprouts

I cannot cook the Brussels sprouts until the last minute before we eat. They were such a big hit last year that sadly there were none leftover. I have 60 sprouts now and they will be cut in half so it should be enough.

This morning I made up a pot of chickpea stew that I figure we can eat today and tomorrow. This hopefully puts an end to the reign of pretzels, cheese, and peanut butter we have been eating lately. I will finish this stew with some ditalini and dark greens.

Chickpea stew

Still left for today is getting the Brussels sprouts prepped and putting the stuffing together so John can stuff the thighs tomorrow. Then we need to vacuum, dust, wash the kitchen floor, and clean the bathroom. Thanksgiving is not all about cooking!

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