Finally cooked something. 11/17/18

Let’s see, Tuesday pretzels, Wednesday egg, Thursday pizza, Friday leftover pizza, and Saturday, I finally make something. I am still needing comfort food and with John spurring me on, we make beef stew in the Instant Pot. John browns the meat and I cut up potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, and fresh tomatoes. We set the Instant Pot for 18 minutes and then thicken up the gravy with a little corn starch slurry. It is great!

Beef stew made in the Instant Pot

This morning our air is rated “unhealthy.” That is an improvement over “very unhealthy” and “apocalypse” and on Wednesday the air should improve due to RAIN!!!!! It hasn’t rained since May so this is an exciting event.

Happy Thanksgiving Week!! We are having the big do at our house. After this year I have told the younger family generation that it is up to them. They have to learn at some point.

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