In a funk. 11/14/18

What is the matter with me?! Usually I am looking forward to making dinner but this week I am just not feeling it. I have been shut inside all week because the smoke in the air is terrible. And since I have asthma I cannot risk going outside. Plus my knee is hurting a lot and it is hard to walk. I am going to have to make a decision about getting it replaced which terrifies me. So I am stuck in my pity party and doing nothing.

On Tuesday I ate pretzel sticks and cheese and on Wednesday I had an egg on an English muffin. Hopefully today I can rouse myself enough to make something.

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2 Responses to In a funk. 11/14/18

  1. Joanne Clancy says:

    Been there. Have the knee surgery. I don’t regret my back and foot surgeries even wirh all the down time. Life is better when you can walk and stand to cook. Feel better soon.

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