Macaroons. 3/7/19

Wait, what?! Aren’t I supposed to be writing about the glory of chicken thighs and confetti rice? After all, I was just waxing poetic yesterday about getting home and cooking with John. However, we live in a two generation household. Our adult daughter lives upstairs and shares the kitchen with us. Right about chicken starting time she pulls out her cookie sheets and heats up the oven for a bunch of macaroons. She is the cookie queen and is making her niece, Alex, a batch for her thirteenth birthday tomorrow.

Omnivore’s daughter’s fabulous macaroons

So without a word of discouragement we shelve our chicken dinner and decide we will cook it on Friday instead. (Hmm, just thinking that maybe a should start featuring non-meat meals on Fridays during Lent. I will start that next week.) Anyway, here is the amended weekend menu. Friday-roast chicken with confetti rice, Saturday-vegan/vegetarian chickpea stew with ditalini and greens, and Sunday-fried scallops with new potatoes and snow peas.

So what do we eat instead? A can of soup and open face peanut butter sandwiches on rye bread that the cookie queen baked while we were away.

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