Mini-vacay over, weekend menu. 3/7/19

We are back from the California Desert which, by the way, is blooming due to the tons of rain we have had.

Picture taken from The I-10 freeway near Palm Springs. Abundant yellow flowers and giant wind turbines.

I used to think that all deserts were like the Sahara, all sand and dunes, but out here there is enough rain and underground water to support sage, cacti, Joshua trees, plus other plant life and desert animals. Yesterday it rained hard on the first leg of our trip home. Driving in rain in Southern California is like driving in snow everywhere else. We are not used to it and the traffic creeps along except for a few crazy people.

Threatening sky

While we were in Indian Wells we watched the tennis pros practice and play preliminary matches.

Practice courts

And of course dined out.

But now it is back to reality and in the car on the way home we conjure up a weekend menu to tide us over until Monday.

Weekend Menu

Thursday – roast chicken thighs and confetti rice

Friday – chickpea stew

Saturday – pasta with tuna

Sunday – scallops with new potatoes and snow peas

It is fun to be away but I always enjoy coming home and cooking in my own kitchen with my favorite assistant chef!

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