Feed a cold? Chicken soup!

As predicted I have a cold. Our daughter has been suffering with a bad one this past week and now I have caught it.  Just so you know the old saying, “Feed a cold, starve a fever” is incorrect. According to Scientific American it should be “Feed a cold, feed a fever.” Your body needs energy when you are sick! Chicken soup is mildly anti-inflammatory and helps with cold symptoms so I asked John to make me some.

Instant Pot Chicken soup with vegetables, noodles, ginger and orange

John used an Instant Pot recipe for the chicken soup. First he sauteed the vegetables and added some ginger and orange zest for their cold-fighting properties. Then he added about 3 lbs. of chicken and 8 cups of water. The cook time at pressure is 20 minutes but it probably takes about 50 minutes in total due to heat up and at least partial  cool down time.

He took out the chicken and shredded it up, threw out the used up vegetables, and let the stock sit so he could skim off the fat. The stock was a great golden color.

Golden chicken stock

To serve John boiled the stock to cook the noodles and some fresh vegetables. When the noodles and veg were cooked he added the shredded chicken and we topped the soup with some parsley and green onions.

The soup was great and I really liked the subtle ginger and orange flavor. I have some left over for lunch tomorrow and I am looking forward to feeling better soon!

Mmmm, chicken soup


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