Vegan vegetable soup with chickpeas. 9/23/20

Vegan vegetable soup with chickpeas

Tonight we were supposed to have been preparing pasta puttanesca but yesterday at Costco John fell in love with some lamb chops. He has been so understanding of my not wanting to eat red meat that how could I say no. We brought them home and they were taking up valuable space in the fridge. I suggested why didn’t he and our daughter eat them while I would be happy to eat my vegetable soup that I made on Monday. So everyone was happy.

I love making these vegetable soups, sometimes with white beans, or some pasta, or chickpeas like I did this week. The soup comes in handy for lunches or for dinners when I do not feel like cooking or something goes awry. I start by sautéing onions and garlic and just keep adding to the pot. This week I had seven little potatoes that needed using along with the usual carrots and celery. Oh, what is this in the bottom of the crisper, a zucchini from our daughter’s garden that we forgot about? In it goes. I usually include a hearty green. This week it was kale and the spinach.

I use Knorr vegetable broth cubes to help the water in the soup. I threw in too much dried oregano but it turned out fine. It is hard to make a mistake. I just remembered I have got some tofu that I need to use. I think it will be my “special” ingredient in my next soup!

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