Chicken and shallots in a mustard jus. 9/22/20

Costco chicken with shallots and tomatoes in a mustard jus over rice with cauliflower

We tried to do something new with the thighs and drumsticks from a Costco rotisserie chicken. If you have not bought a Costco chicken, it is twice the chicken for half the price of a grocery store rotisserie chicken. (And the best part is picking at all the bits as you dismantle the chicken!)

This is the real deal recipe by Rishia Zimmern, former wife of Andrew Zimmern. We, of course, slimmed it down and used our pre-cooked chicken.

Not cooking the chicken in the mustard sauce made the sauce a little thin but nonetheless tasty. You start by sauteéing the shallots in a little fat. We used two teaspoons of olive oil. When the shallots have softened a bit you add chicken stock, white wine, and Dijon style mustard. We also added some whole grain mustard. Then the cherry tomatoes go in and you cook them a bit until they burst. (We also added some cauliflower at this point to bulk up the dish with additional vegetables.) Finally we laid in the chicken pieces to warm up. No doubt our naked chicken would have looked better with its skin on.

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