Eat more fish! It is good for you! 9/21/20

Pan seared Coho salmon with mango salsa, rice, and snow peas

Since I have lost over 50 lbs. my overall cholesterol is great. One thing that is not so great is my HDL (good cholesterol) reading. It is lower than it should be. My doctor told me to eat less fat and I countered that I could not eat less fat than I am already. She then recommended more fish high in Omega-3 and fish oil capsules so I am trying to include salmon in our diets about every two weeks plus we take the fish oil capsules. (They are huge!!!)

I brightened up our salmon with a very tasty mango salsa. I had bought the mango last week when I first planned this dinner but it just did not ripen fast enough. By Monday it was ready to go. Mangoes are hard to cut up because they are slippery and have an enormous pit in the center but they are so delicious and worth the effort. I mixed together the cut up mango, some minced onion and red bell pepper, half a jalapeño, cilantro, and added in Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Sprinkle. After giving it a taste I decided it needed more salt and more acid which came from rice wine vinegar. The delicious salsa really elevated the salmon. As sides I had my cauliflower rice and rice mix and sauteed snow peas. This was a successful, delicious, and healthy dinner.

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