Weekly Menu. October 5 – 11, 2020

This week’s menu definitely has a Fall feel to it. There are two stew-like Instant Pot meals, oven roasted sea bass, and we will be using a big pot of boiling water for our pasta meal. I hope the weather cooperates and we stop having days in the 90’s!

On Monday we will be celebrating the Jewish holiday of Sukkot in keeping with our plan to celebrate everything this year. It is a harvest festival where you eat outdoors and have Fall sorts of dishes like my sweet and sour stuffed cabbage.

Also in a departure from my previous menus I am leaving Saturdays open from now on for something easy or leftovers. I find that by the end of the week I tend to be cooked out so it will be soup and a sandwich or some leftovers from the week’s cooking. There is no point in kidding myself that I am going to want to make another elaborate meal.

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