Instant Pot stuffed cabbage rolls. 10/5/20

Today we made stuffed cabbage rolls which was quite a production. First of all I could not find my mother’s old recipe and emailed by sister to see if she had it but she didn’t get back to me in time so John and I just cobbled together part of a recipe from a Jacques and Julia cookbook, info from the internet and John and my memories of our mother’s making this dish.

Weirdly some recipes such as for stuffed cabbage and chopped liver ended up being part of  my eating lore even though we do not have any Jewish members in our family. John comes by his recipes from his Jewish mom. So we made these ancestral stuffed cabbage rolls in a sweet and sour tomato sauce for the Jewish harvest holiday of Sukkot. As is the custom we ate outside under our trellis and had some decorative branches to decorate our table and also a lemon standing in for an etrog (citron.)

Our daughter made this 4-strand challah with her sour dough starter

Fancy eating outdoors

Stuffed cabbage roll with additional meatball and cabbage

So we had some trouble getting the leaves off the cabbage. I followed directions from someone on the internet that all I had to do was cook the cabbage for a minute under pressure in the Instant Pot and the leaves would come off. But only about the first twelve did so we made twelve cabbage rolls, made meatballs out of the rest of the ground beef and rice stuffing, and chopped up the rest of the cabbage and stuck it in.

The cabbage rolls were supposed to cook 15 minutes under pressure but the first two times we tried to get the Instant Pot up to pressure it did not work. We decided maybe there was not enough liquid so we put some stock in. Problem solved! So glad the Instant Pot did not explode or something.

We ended up having a delicious dinner of some cabbage rolls, some meatballs, some cabbage, a 2000 Chateau St. Jean Merlot, and the lovely bread our daughter made. Perfect!

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