Vacation cooking. 8/17/21

Here are some dinners I made or bought this week while on vacation. Although I am aware of what I should be eating, lunches out and snacks with drinks at “cocktail time” are proving difficult to control.

Buffalo chicken wings on the road
Sushi from the grocery store
Pasta puttanesca with mushrooms
Kenwood shrimp served over white rice

Now that we are cooking in our rental, dinners are being a bit more manageable. The plan for the rest of the week is pizza (uh oh) tonight, a Thursday night fancy scallop dinner cooked by our son (double uh oh), and on Friday a dinner at a nice restaurant where I should be able to order a piece of fish.

When we get back this weekend it will be time to get back on the losing weight part of my food plan rather than the maintenance plan. A week or two of writing down what I am eating and not going over the amount I should be eating will get me back to my goal again. No panic, I can do this!

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