Scallops with beurre blanc, potatoes, and leeks. 8/19/21

Seared scallops in a beurre blanc sauce with mashed potatoes on a bed of butter braised leeks and garnished with mushrooms and asparagus

This restaurant quality dinner was made by our son for us on the next to last day of our vacation. It was superb! My only contribution was to peel the potatoes and cut up the vegetables. He calls this his fancy dinner which he makes for special occasions such as his wife’s birthday or Valentine’s Day. It is his adaptation of Chef Joey Altman’s scallop dish from the now defunct Oak City Grill in Menlo Park, CA. I loved the butter braised leeks especially. The scallops which we got at the local Harmon’s grocery were large and succulent. He cooked them perfectly using a Thermopen to make sure they were not over cooked (110F in the interior.) The butter sauce had a hint of sweetness from white balsamic vinegar rather than lemon. What a fantastic dinner!

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