Grilled hamburger with tabbouleh 11/18/22

Grilled hamburger with tabbouleh

Once again John is responsible for making the burgers and I am taking care of the tabbouleh. He does a masterful job of cooking the burgers out on the grill in the almost dark. They are more on the medium side of medium- rare but still delicious.

I have been working on getting the most out of my patio garden. Yesterday I harvested all my basil and made pesto which I froze. Today I am using up mint and parsley. Making tabbouleh is somewhat onerous what with all the washing, drying, picking of leaves, and chopping. Today it was worth using my full-sized food processor even though it is more of a pain to clean.

This dinner was a delicious nod to summer using the last bits of our patio produce before Jack Frost kills it off.

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