Wednesday, February 11, 2015 Tofu fried farro with vegetables

We have not been doing much cooking this week. Mostly it’s been breakfast for supper and leftovers.  There has been the occasional bread for supper which consists of a loaf of good bread served with whatever is good on it – peanut butter, butter, slivers of cheese.  I guess I am a little cooked out.

Tonight, though, we scrabble together some farro from last week along with some staple vegetables – carrots, onions, garlic and some pea pods that I bought at Trader Joe’s this week. John scrambles a couple of eggs and makes them into a thin pancake. He cuts the pancake into strips. I’ve also bought some precooked seasoned tofu at Trader Joe’s. It is an easy shortcut.  Mix these ingredients all  together with some soy sauce, and other Asian ingredients, stir it around and voila! there is our dinner.

I love being inventive with mostly leftovers!

Tofu fried farro with vegetables

Tofu fried farro with vegetables

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