December 30, 2015 – Ribolitta

Ribolitta (vegetarian Tuscan vegetable soup)

Ribolitta (vegetarian Tuscan vegetable soup)

Some old friends came over to lunch. Their daughter who is a vegetarian was attrnding as well. Hmmm, what to make? I settled on ribolitta, a hearty Tuscan vegetable soup, which I normally would have made with pancetta and chicken broth. Instead I made a vegetable stock and gave the soup base a more umami taste and feel by adding a Parmesan rind while it was simmering. The result? A delicious, healthy vegetable soup with real depth of flavor.

I served the soup with garlic toast and a Caesar salad (no anchovies or Worcestershire) garnished with homemade croutons. We finished off the luncheon with rum cake.

It was all very tasty and a huge success even with the meat eaters.

Note: For a vegan rendition omit the Parmesan rind



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