Deconstructed leftovers

Yesterday daughter and I went out to lunch. I ordered a tomato, mozzarella, and arugula sandwich on a baguette. I got an enormous sandwich – nearly a whole baguette’s worth. So I took more than half of it home. Unfortunately the bread got pretty mushy so I decided to deconstruct the sandwich and have a sort of Caprese salad for lunch today.

Deconstructed mozzarella and tomato sandwich into Caprese salad

I added some Boston lettuce and oregano since I did not have basil. I had to toast the bread pretty hard to get rid of the sog. And I cut up the pale sandwich tomato and sprinkled it over the lettuce and used some fresh tomatoes of my own. A little EVOO and some good balsamic vinegar and I had created a winner at almost no cost.

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