Latkes and cookies. 12/19/17

It is the holidays and at our house we have multiple holidays with lots of holiday food. The only thing that I can say about last night’s dinner is that it is not healthy but it’s vegetarian.

John made his world-famous (at least in our little world) potato latkes in celebration of the last day of Hanukkah. We lit the candles and tucked into these fried goodies. Since we don’t like getting the grease all over the kitchen, John heats the oil up in our electric wok on the back patio. After squeezing out excess moisture from the potato, onion, egg, and matzoh meal mixture, he slides them into the hot oil.

Latkes going into the oil

In the meantime daughter has made Christmas cookies! So far she has baked macaroons, Moravian spice cookies, and Norwegian drommer or dream cookies. She is taking the global approach this year. She is a really excellent cookie baker. Secret ingredient to great cookies? Don’t forget the salt!

Hanukkah candles and Norwegian drommer Christmas cookies

So our dinner last night consisted of latkes and cookies. December is for celebrating! January is for paying the piper.

Latkes and cookies

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