It’s chili at home! 2/18/18

Brrr.. actually it is not that cold here in Northern California but it is chilly enough to make chili in my Instant Pot! I used a recipe from Jacky+Amy as the basis for my chili. Anyone who espouses the use of fish sauce as a flavor enhancer and corrector is A-OK in my book. I used less liquid than their recipe calls for because I find the Instant Pot tends to make things soupier than you would expect. John suggested we use a little baking soda in the ground beef ala America’s Test Kitchen to keep the meat moist, the addition of a chopped bell pepper and a poblano chile, and we also ground up some tortilla chips to thicken our resulting chili (and to use as a garnish.)

Best drink to have with chili? No doubt it is the Earl Gilmore memorial margarita. That’s three parts tequila, one part Triple Sec and a whole lime squeezed for four servings. No sugar, no pre-mix. Do not drive after having one of these beauties.

Instant Pot Chili with an Earl Gilmore Memorial Margarita

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